Sizing Info

Sizing Info

In today’s clothing market sizing is often a tricky issue to navigate. Manufacturer's sizing differs greatly from brand to brand, some vanity size their garments giving the customer a skewed idea of their actual size, juniors vs. misses vs. missy... It is enough to make a girl pull her hair out!

Buying clothing online is hard… We understand this at Le Bomb Shop. We buy from over 250+ manufacturers so sizing is most definitely NOT across the board. This is why we would like to introduce our new "recommender" tool. Before you start make sure you have your correct personal measurements. You will find that knowing your real measurements and how to obtain them properly will get you the best results with the "recommender" tool. A quick google search for a tutorial on "how to measure yourself for clothing" plus a soft garment measuring tape is all you need! Once you have your personal measurements just click on the sizing information button found in the item details and insert your details into the "recommender." The app will then take into consideration your personal measurements, along with the measurements of the garment, plus any fabric stretch that might be present. Once it does it's thing it will magically make a recommendation for you! We find this app is far more effective than going by any letter or number sizing on a label. So if your "normal" letter size isn't what appears.. don't let that throw you... not all manufacturers size equally and they all use their own scale.. A letter size is different from one brand to the next. Getting a good fit is our goal!

How We Measure Our Garments

It is important to note that the measurements we provide are of the actual garment, not the measurements of a potential buyer. We measure each garment flat and provide relaxed measurements to the "recommender." We also take into consideration fabric stretch if any is present.

Our measurements are taken while the garment is lying flat. Each measurement is then doubled. Example: bust flat measures 16” across… double that to get 32”

Bust: Measured from armpit seam across the chest/bust to the other under armpit seam and then doubled.

Waist: Middle of the garment where the waist would/should be or where the garment tapers in. measured across and doubled.

Hips: Measured approximately 5" below the waistline or at the area where the curve is most outward (where hips should sit.)

Length: The garment is measured from the top of the garment (where the neck seam meets the shoulder seam. If there are straps - These are included from the approximate area where the shoulder tops would sit then measured straight down to the hemline. This measurement is not doubled.

Shoulders: Measured flat, from seam to seam, then stretched (if fabric has stretch) and measured again.

Sleeve Length: Measured from the collar/shoulder seam to the end of the sleeve cuff. This measurement is not doubled.

Difference Between Juniors & Misses Sizes

The most obvious difference between Misses and Juniors sizing is that Juniors clothing is cut slightly smaller, slimmer through the hips and bust, and shorter in length than Misses clothing. Misses clothing attempts to accommodate a wider hip and bust area for a more mature woman.